Double Entendres & Meat Dresses

Lately, I’ve been brushing up on my (very rusty) Lindy Hop, swing dancing skills. A result of this has been finding new artists from the first half of the 1900’s. Julia Lee is one of those artists that I’ve become completely obsessed with. Once the lyrics hit your ear, you can’t help but think she was just a bit ahead of her time.

To say the least, her songs were a tad risqué. Double entendre songs became her trademark that would later place her into the category of a dirty blue’s artist. Honestly, from what I’ve been able to find on her, she’s brilliant. Here’s the latest I’ve had on repeat.

I found a quote from her that these were, "the songs my mother taught me not to sing" (source).  

When I read this my mind thought about the risks she took and what type of mindset it took for her to find her success. Undoubtedly, not the level of success she deserved. A strong as fuck African American woman in the 1940’s singing what she was told not to. Those are some risky odds, especially considering the time, that she completely crushed.

It all brings me back to some advice that often pops up, create your own path.

Literally, you can google that specific phrase and thousands of derivatives of quotes popup. It’s so popular because it is so often an element to success. Think of Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Weird as fuck. I don’t know if risky is even the right word, it was just bizarre. But, it made her stand out and it’s what she wanted to do. She had a statement behind it and though the results was primarily intense criticism it served her well.

At the end of the day, humans like risk takers.

We like meat dress wearers and double entendres.

It’s fear that we let get in the way, it’s caring about what too many people will say instead of the few we actually, personally care about. If anything, I hope this blog post simply reminds you to be weird and be you. Keep blazing your path and taking risks. What’s the worst case scenario if it doesn’t work out like you hoped? You just try again. Don’t let fear, impatience or perfectionism crush you.

Whenever I find myself hesitating, it’s the story of trail blazers like Julia Lee or Lady Gaga that push me through. These are just examples from the music industry, perhaps Elon Musk or Zuckerburg are more inspiring to you. Make it a habit to look into biographies and learn the struggles of those that you admire… or even just those you notice, you might find you come to admire them.

Sending that email, picking up that phone, joining that program…. When compared to wearing a meat dress in front of the entire world, is a tiny risk.

May this post be an ounce of encouragement to just do the damn thing, whatever it may be.

lauren andrews