Cheers To You, Wantrepreneur

I rolled over this morning to turn off my alarm and crept on to facebook for a quick glance to make sure the world wasn’t cancelled for the day. A not so beneficial habit, I know.

Nevertheless, the morning scroll began and I came across a friends post. He was asking which cities were the best place to find other entrepreneurs who were also digital nomads, not “wantrepreneurs.”

Normally this type of post wouldn’t bug me, ultimately I understand what he means by the word wantrepreneur. It’s something I used before. He’s looking for someone who’s in the same type of business situations and growth stages.


But, there was something overwhelming negative in it all. A couple hours later and it sat with me wrong. I was about to settle on my general opinion that the guy is just an asshole.

I kept going back to the word wantrepreneur.

Generally, it’s used as a negative word in the entrepreneur space, someone who’s coming off scammy or inauthentic. Disclaimer: I’ve totally used this word in my marketing and blog posts before.

I don’t think wantrepreneur is a negative term.
So here’s my case for the wantrepreneur.

Here’s to you, for wanting to be an entrepreneur.

For trying something new.
For failing. Over and over and over again.

To the wantrepreneur that hasn’t been served life on a silver spoon, that has had to fight so hard for every single thing in your life. There are many more battles along the way.

To the mom and her etsy store.
To the dad hustling to launch his marketing agency.
To the kid who just dropped out of college with a dream.
To the kid that just graduated and is still figuring it out.
And a standing ovation to the kids and their lemonade stands.

Here’s to many more late nights, early mornings, and the time

This one's for you. You with imposter syndrome.

You who feels out of place, like you’re not good enough, like nothing is working.
The one who identifies as a wantrepreneur and not an entrepreneur.
The only thing keeping you from being and entrepreneur is you. An entrepreneur isn’t defined as making at least 5 figures a month or by running a team of 20. It’s defined by doing, by operating a business… whatever that may look like.

We’ve all been there.

Every entrepreneur starts as a wantrepreneur.

I know this, you know this. Cross the vague line of what’s holding you back, it’s either your mindset or action. Ask for help, join a community, get support, whatever that line is find it and cross it. No one can do that for you.

Everyone’s business is different.
Everyone’s journey is even more different.

We’re getting there.
You’re doing great.
Keep going.

lauren andrews